League Officials


Dear all

Nick Haigh, our current Chair will advance to Honorary Chair at the end of this season and Jess Logue will take up the position of League Chair. Linda Simms is stepping down after 10+ years as League Treasurer.

Lancaster League now has 2 committee positions becoming vacant for the coming season. These are Vice Chair, 3 years, moving on to Chair, 3 years, plus treasurer, which is an annual role.

Please can you ask your players to seriously consider the possibility of taking up one of these positions. Without volunteers for these roles the league will struggle to operate, and realistically, without a League Treasurer in post, league activity may need to be suspended.

If you have any queries regarding these roles, or are interested in taking up a position, please contact Nick, Jess or Linda for further information.

It would be extremely helpful if volunteers could come forward by the end of February please.