Annual Tournament - day 1


Hi Everyone,

What a terrific start to the tournament. There were many very close matches in the Handicap B mixed doubles and a tense final where Mabel and Oran defeated Dan and Hazel in two nail biting games.

We are looking forward to many more equally exciting evenings in the next two weeks and wanted to let you know about the opportunities to win two cash prizes or raffle prizes.

If possible, please could you bring a little bit of cash to either purchase a raffle ticket (£1 per strip) or have a go at guessing the answer to:

1. What is the total number of shuttles used in the tournament ?

2. What is the total number of points scored in the tournament (ignoring handicaps) ?

‘Guess the answer’ only costs £1 to enter per question and the winner of each question will receive a fab cash prize of £20.
As a clue, there will be just over 400 games played (one for the number crunchers !)

All proceeds raised from these little bits of fun go to keeping the tournament running.

If you would like to donate a raffle prize, please just drop it off at the desk any evening.

Thank you for all your kind support,

Sandra and Dave